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We are a family owned business that specialise in providing high quality loft conversions in the Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas. From the outset, our aim is to deliver, to you, a professional and stress free experience, with each project designed and tailor-made to suit your requirements.




Generally, if your loft space has an available head height of 2.2m or greater from the top of your existing ceiling joists to the bottom side of your ridge board (this is usually in the centre of the loft space, at the apex), then we’re off to a great start. In some cases this measurement can be slightly less than 2.2m depending on the structural requirements in terms of depth to the new floor joists and beams.     All is not lost if the measurement falls short of 2.2m as there are 1 or 2 options that may be viable, these we can discuss when required.


We stay alongside you. Every step of the way!


   Converting your vacant loft space can be a daunting prospect with many factors to consider, that’s why we are here, to make things that little bit easier for you……

   At JMA Lofts, we are dedicated to realising your vision, so with the help of a trusted architect and structural engineer, along with our expertise and attention to detail, we have the resources available to offer you a full and complete loft conversion service, from your initial enquiry, getting you through planning (if applicable), right through to completion and receipt of the all-important completion certificate. 


So why choose us?


   With many companies to choose from, it can be difficult choosing the right one for you. Done well, a loft conversion can also add financial rewards should you sell your home in the future, which adds more importance to getting things right from the start.

   At JMA Lofts, we live and breath loft conversion projects and take great pride in meeting your expectations. From inception to concept through to completion and after care, we have a unique talent for creating beautiful loft spaces, customised to suit every individuals lifestyle and taste. JMA Lofts can also help you design your new living space in-keeping with the original style and character of your home, when required, in order to maintain a natural flow from the first floor to the new living space in the loft, to further compliment and enhance your home. 

We know that your satisfaction is our future, therefore we take great care in providing you with an excellent service throughout.   At an affordable cost.

  Take a look at some of the examples of our work in our gallery for inspiration.



whether you’re looking to free up loft space in your home to create further bedrooms, a much needed home study, shower/bathroom or a vibrant playroom for your children, talk to us to arrange a FREE, no obligation quote.

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