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How do I know if a loft conversion is feasible on my home?

Generally, if your loft space has an available head height of 2.2m or greater from the top of your existing ceiling joists to the bottom side of your ridge board (this is usually in the centre of the loft space, at the apex), then we’re off to a great start. In some cases this measurement can be slightly less than 2.2m depending on the structural requirements in terms of depth to the new floor joists and beams. All is not lost if the measurement falls short of 2.2m as there are a few options that may be viable, please see ‘Loft Conversions’ in ‘Services’ for further guidance.

How long does a loft conversion take to complete?

As with most cases, this will depend on the size and complexity of the conversion. Lets take the average size terraced house, with a rear dormer, 1 double bedroom, and a shower room, this will take between 6-8 weeks to complete ready for decoration , and without a rear dormer 5-6 weeks. At JMA Lofts Ltd, we will always put quality before speed on all of our projects so if, for example, we are delayed because of bad weather or for any other reason, we will notify you with plenty of time to push back the completion date, so that the standard of quality remains as high as you would expect.

What are your payment terms?

We have a payment plan for all of our projects, which will be issued with your contract. This will involve an initial deposit once you have accepted our quotation and signed your contract, followed by stage payments throughout the conversion. You will only be required to make a stage payment when that relevant stage has been completed by us. The final balance will be made payable 7 days after completion.

Do you have insurance ?

Yes, we wouldn't work without it. At JMA Lofts Ltd, the protection of your home, your neighbours home and the well being of the general public is paramount. We have all relevant public liability and contract works insurances to enable us to carry out all aspects of our work. You have access to this through the My Accountsection of our site or Click Hereto view.

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